Skilled to be Fire Expert


Knowledge on fire safety needs to be upgraded continuously, because of the development of building materials, techniques in building construction, changing way of living, new kinds of fire hazard due to new technologies, etc. Universities and organizations, providing training courses needs to upgrade knowledge of teachers and lecturers, upskilling and reskilling students and professionals, who are working on different fields of fire safety on daily basis:

  • architects and other engineers, designers of fire safety in buildings,
  • mechanical engineers with knowledge on extinguishing, smoke control, and other mechanical systems for fire protection,
  • electrical engineers with knowledge on fire detection and alarm systems,
  • producers of products for fire safety in buildings,
  • installers of products for fire safety in buildings and providers of other services for fire safety
  • fire fighters,
  • forensics,
  • fire safety experts, working at companies, who are taking care of fire safety at working processes,
  • insurance fire experts,
  • fire inspectors, etc.

Presentation about Learning in Fire Safety by Prof Pavel Danihelka