Skilled to be Fire Expert

Multiplier Event Ostrava 8th September

Multiplier Event Ostrava 8th September

The event Ostrava was held during Fire Protection 2022 conference in the same university areal. This planning assured presence of people interested in fire safety and fire protection issues. Ostrava is an industrial city so participants from industry were also attracted as well as education providers as organizer was VSB-Technical University of Ostrava where also Faculty of Safety Engineering is located.

The event followed up on updated module work with comments from previous MEs and thus provided local experts in fire protection with the latest information about the project progress and most importantly about the individual modules as part of the intellectual output O1. People were gathered together mostly in person, only few were connected online as this was already second event.

The environment on the ME was very positive and speakers got feedbacks on their work on the modules. For this event, also external speakers from Hungary were invited to give a talk about possibilities in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and about its use in fire safety engineering. Another interesting talk from a professor from VSB-TUO raised discussion about necessity of soft skills of educators in fire safety and about importance that we educate more generalists and not only deep focused specialist.

Agenda was sent via emails and also was available online.