Skilled to be Fire Expert

INSPEKTING Ltd., Croatia

Inspekting Ltd., Zagreb, Croatia, is specialized company which has been providing fire protection engineering services more than 25 years. The field of activity of the company includes fire protection design, which includes the use of engineering methods, construction supervision in the field of implementation of designed measures and fire protection systems, consultancy services in this area, the preparation of fire safety assessments and studies, the development of safety at work elaborates etc. During its existence, the company has successfully participated in about 2300 domestic and international projects for which it has designed projects (studies) on fire and safety at work, buildings for almost all purposes (residential, industrial, sports, hotel, commercial, airport, etc.). The area of work is predominantly Croatia, but the company has also worked on international projects in China, Algeria, Qatar, Kazakhstan. The number of users of company services is around 200, and the approximate annual turnover is about HRK 3,000,000 (about 398.000 Euros). The company employs 10 engineers, six (6) are civil engineers, two (2) are security engineers (fire protection and occupational safety), and two (2) are architecture engineers. Many of the projects on which the company has collaborated and produced fire protection and occupational safety projects have also received international awards such as: ARENA ZAGREB; Authors of UPI-2M project, Zagreb – proclaimed the Building of the Year at the 2010 Global BBR Conference held in Washington, DC, Zagreb; Project authors; PRODUCTION 004, Zagreb – International Architecture Award 2010, at the World Architecture Festival (WAF), KOPRIVNICA Grammar School, Project authors; Studio UP, Zagreb, European Architecture Prize Mies van der Rohe, 2009. ZAGREB AIRPORT, (Project author; Shigeru Ban, Tokyo, 2010) II. award at the international competition, HOTEL LONE, authors of the Studio 3LHD project, Zagreb, 2011, award for the best congress hotel in Europe and award for hotel design, London as part of the Sleep event. In 2020, the company and its founder, Milan Carević, were recognized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Zagreb for their many years of successful cooperation and contributions in the scientific, educational and professional fields, participation in the formation of the Specialist study of fire engineering and connecting the faculties with institutions and companies engaged in fire protection. The company is a member of the Croatian Fire Protection Association and the American NFPA Association. The founder of the company Milan Carević, is the co-founder of the company CTP PROJEKT doo, Zagreb, Croatia (Director Dr. Miodrag Drakulić, B.Sc. in Engineering), who is also engaged in engineering design in the field of fire protection, especially in the field of tunnelling. with emphasis on smoke and heat management systems, but also on high-rise construction (the most significant project in the area of fire is the new Zagreb airport, where the well-known European company ARUP from London cooperated). The company`s scope of work and its experience of different projects give them credibility for knowledge sharing. Many successful projects in Croatia and abroad mentioned above are confirming the company’s commitment to excellence. Within the company there is a system of mentoring and education of new engineers in the field of fire protection design, which they believe is an example of proper education and training of Fire Experts and they are willing to share it in the scope of the project. Short description of the education and training of Fire Experts at Inspekting Ltd., being done at 3 levels:
  • Level 1: general knowledge in the field of fire requirements design,
  • Level 2: knowledge of applicable regulations,
  • Level 3: development of hands-on projects that employees receive and solutions are commented on daily in joint meetings.
Within the company, education is conducted by a number of experienced designers, who have articipated in several projects and have specific knowledge, educational preferences and teaching experience.