Skilled to be Fire Expert

Majaczech, z.s.

Majaczech, z.s. is a non-profit organisation, doing research, training and guidelines, mainly in area of fire prevention and repression on national and international level. It associates experts in the field and stakeholders and offer its services to both, private and public organisations. For its members and clients it provides consultancy. In 2019, for example: experimental research on material fire properties of hazardous materials, review of more than 20 national regulation systems of building fire prevention or developing fire risk and hazard assessment for UN development programme.

Majaczech is a Czech member of European confederation of national fire protection associations CFPA-Europe, actively joining meetings and discussions. Outside Europe it cooperates on education matters with the US organisations, such as NFPA, WPI, New York University.

Majaczech has strong background in national and international cooperation with companies, universities, associations, governments and research institutions. They are also experienced in fire experiments & research, in different scales, from bench to large scale tests in Europe and USA. Recently, they have conducted studies and investigations of real fires including fire in Mati, Greece 2018, with local stakeholders, e.g. volunteer and professional fire-fighters. Their experience include internships in Fire and Rescue Service of department of Crisis and Disaster Management and Fire Prevention.

Number of paid staff is dependent on active projects and vary from 2 to 14.

Majaczech is very active and have many experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for this project, especially in connection with firefighters:

  • Providing active training at the Central School for Firefighters in Bile Policany, providing courses of Fire Dynamics and course for chiefs of firefighters or new technologies for first responders, and also for fire experts and engineers,
  • Connecting research and practise for training, producing guidelines for firefighters and fire specialist to see each angle of view, searching for up-to-date solutions for emerging fire risks, such as fire fighting of building insulated with bio-based materials, etc.

At Majaczech they strongly believe that people signed under each project should have exellent education in fire safety prevention, knowledge of buildings, materials and people’s behaviour, and, they should have this knowledge updated periodically, as the speed of our world is very fast and progressive and there are always new technologies, materials and challenges in general.