Skilled to be Fire Expert

VSB, Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Safety Engineering, Czech Republic

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava draws on 170 years of research and academic excellence to provide world class education in 7 Faculties offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and exchange programmes to students from six continents. State of the art research facilities, cooperation with leading companies, and partnerships with universities and research institutions the world over provide excellent opportunities for student, teachers, and researchers alike.

Faculty of Safety Engineering at the VSB Technical University of Ostrava provides higher education and research in areas of fire safety protection, crisis management, health and safety and security.

The Faculty of Security Engineering is oriented towards the managerial and technological studies. The Faculty offers university education in accredited fields of study at all levels, i.e. in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees as well as in lifelong education. The Faculty develops scientific and research activities in those fields. University education and scientific and technical research activities contribute considerably to the economic and social development of the Slovak Republic and the Žilina region. The Faculty cooperates with many institutions, develops international scientific research and pedagogical relationships, and shares publication activities with foreign universities. Every year around 20 fire safety engineers finalise their studies. Every year we organise 2-3 conferences focused on fire safety in buildings.


  • Solutions of theoretical and fundamental crisis management issues,
  • investigation of fundamental, organizational and structural issues of risk and crisis management in public administration,
  • Risk analyses and design of preventive actions,
  • Solution of possible crisis situations occurring in a country, economics and society,
  • Solution of fire engineering, mainly fire prevention and fire protection (fire suppression technology issues),
  • Structural fire protection,
  • Fire protection of road tunnels and constructions,
  • Solution of issues in the frame of complex emergency system, innovation of technology and technical means in fire protection,
  • Solution of rescue services,
  • Solution of tasks related to security protection of people, property and equipment,
  • Methods and techniques of security management,
  • Integrated safety systems,
  • Development of critical infrastructure (CI) security / safety in sectors energy and transport,
  • Resilience of key elements of national CI and interaction between infrastructure systems,
  • Solution of CI systems and services protection,
  • Research on the blast wave propagation, blast loaded structures and blast protection.
VSB is experiences in fire-engineering, fire research and fire-fighting. Besides regular work with students, they perform internal courses and briefings about how to address fire safety to students in a short time in frame of summer schools.